Never Compromise with your Dreams

If you want to feel the word Experience then first try to be An Explorer ” ….

The will to explore the places of different cultures , people ,food ,environment etc… has given me the chance to meet the best teacher of life THE EXPERIENCE…

EXPERIENCE teaches us To do things which are meant for us … it prepares you to take right steps which is fruitful for yourself and also for the others ….

BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT thing is that it also prepares you to take wrong steps But it’ll not bring bad influences for others …wrong step is only for you under the guidance of Experience …… but this wrong step by the grace of EXPERIENCE will always bring MOTIVATION……

Arise The Passion Inside You , close your eyes and try to reach to the Core of Heart … You will find nothing is more important than your passionate Dreams “……..

Don’t try to hold back … give everything you’ve got in Your veins and In your passionate Will power… and never Compromise Your passion with anything …..

Because everything In compare to passionate dreams is very tiny….

Passion can make a person to go beyond his reach………

Divine Power Of Nature

Feel the divine beauty of Nature’ll give you the absolute peace of mind.

Being a traveller I have noticed one thing .. i.e. ” It’ll take you to the upper level , far away from religion, caste,colour ..

It’ll give you the power to imagine things that are beyond your capacity , It’ll teach you to do things that you want to do most.

It evolves all the cores of mind to that makes you a fighter for your dreams .!!

It’ll provide you the knowledge and power to live the life moment that make sense “Every moment of our live is beautiful to spread and gain love from the people.. from the Nature …

Always Remember … ” Don’t let anyone be a barrier for your dreams but Never hurt anyone’s feelings, sentiments, emotions to grab your Dreams “……!!!

Be like THE SUN don’t be a Sand ….

“The Waves makes continuous pull and push with sand but no matter what the size of wave or what the type of waves … it can’t deny the fact that it is shining with the help of THE SUN …”

People come to beach because of the sunlight and to capture The SUN in their photo frame to make their moment of life special…

So find the Inner Rays in yourself and spread it in the form of happiness and love …

Awaken the Explorer of Life … Trip to Dream Destination of Every Youth of India…. THE GOA ……

From A Blood-Gold, Ball On Fire!
The Real-Bright, Red Baron Flyer
Descending Lower and Lower
Propellers, Turning Slower and Slower

Will He Crash, or Glide on Sea?
Will His Purple-Smoke, Haze Over Me?
I Stand Transfixed To See
Should He Plunge, to His Depth Suddenlyrom A Blood-Gold, Ball On Fire!

Beautiful Lines by — MoonBee Canady

I am not a working guy or a big guy of big family ….

I am just a normal Engineering Student … who is following his HeartBeat … I encoded my Heartbeat then I found… it’s the time to travel and explore .

I have a Mantra … with the help of this anyone can be a traveller … I never do plannings or arrangements …I just follow my Mantra …

So it says “let’s go ,let’s live , let’s breathe ” ….. being a traveller you must have to attain a quality …which is ” if no one is going it’s fine I will no compromise with my dream” …

GOA is true love , nobody can deny the proposal of Goa , its culture ,environment, people, beaches , night life etc..

It has some magical charm… its charisma is so powerful that you will make wishes for giving Yourself completely in the hands of Goa…

Every different beach has it’s own kind of magical and musical breeze whispering in ears … seducing the goosebumps !!!

If You are planning for Goa then I’ll suggest don’t plan JUST GO !!!!……